British Youth Championships (BYCs) NE Qualified fencers 2019

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The following fencers are representing the North East at the BYC Finals in Sheffield. On behalf of the NE Region England Fencing Committee we wish you all good luck 4th-6th May. Please make sure you know which date you are fencing on here 

Boys u12 Epee Joseph Ashman
Boys u12 Epee William Hays
Boys u14 Epee Tye Nichol
Boys u14 Epee Daniel Thompson
Boys u14 Foil Youssef Elnemer
Boys u14 Foil Raymond geng
Boys u14 Foil Dominic Stephenson
Boys u16 Epee Joel Wilson
Boys u16 Foil Kasra Ehteshami
Boys u16 Foil Nathaniel Smithies
Boys u18 Epee Owen Atkinson
Boys u18 Epee Ross Charlton
Boys u18 Epee Thomas Milburn
Boys u18 Foil Daniel Magor
Boys u18 Foil Zack Sefton
Boys u18 Foil Liam Tate
Boys u18 Sabre Felix Clyde
Girls u12 Epee Eve Aberdeen
Girls u12 Epee Sarrah Khushnood
Girls u12 Foil Molly Kirkham
Girls u12 Foil Ava Mccully
Girls u14 Epee Sadie Charlton
Girls u14 Foil Rebecca Conner
Girls u14 Foil Gabrielle Smithies
Girls u16 Epee Poppy Chennells
Girls u16 Epee Eve Golden
Girls u16 Foil Millie Cook
Girls u18 Epee Emilia Robson
Girls u18 Foil Sarah Earl
Girls u18 Foil Tegan McCallum






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March 11, 2019