How to become a fencing referee!

Refereeing can be an interesting, challenging and rewarding experience, essential to any competition, at any level!  Understanding basic refereeing can help you as a fencer, volunteer or parent, to understand how and why hits are awarded!  Learning how to referee can offer opportunities to travel around the country and maybe internationally!

If you wish to become a registered referee with British Fencing you will need to become a member of British Fencing.  If you are not already a member you can join at selecting the "Membership" option.  If you have been a member in the past but are not at the moment you will need to renew your membership. This can be done by logging into your membership profile at .

If you wish to become a registered referee you will also need obtain a pass mark on a Refereeing exam, from attending a refereeing course. Please go to the Upcoming Courses page to look for refereeing courses.  Contact to find out courses in the North East.


For more information on referee education including the syllabus for each level please see below.

Overview of British Fencing Referee Qualifications - updated June 2014

Introduction to British Fencing Referee Course and Examination - updated June 2014

Pre-course reading materials - updated June 2014


Refereeing Levels and syllabus

Level 1 - Basic Referee - updated June 2014

Level 2 - Referee - updated June 2014

Level 3 - National Referee - updated June 2014

Level 4 - Senior Referee - updated June 2014

Referees Log Book

Offences & Penalties Sheet

Refereeing Hand Signals

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July 29, 2014