Winton Cup Regional Team Championships results

This weekend hosted the fencing regional championships called the Winton Cup taking place in Nottingham.  This 2 day 6 weapon tournament is where regions fight each other out to be crowed  team champions.

The North East team had a mixture of age, youth and experience. The sabre teams made strong performances over the 2 days but many of our top fencers were missing making it a big challenge for us to compete with the likes of South East, finishing a total 8th out of 9 teams.

Next year the competition will be held on the 4th+5th July 2015 and we hope this will be time to bring our strongest possible team together and challenge for the title!

Well done to all our team!

Men's Foil
Simon Welsh
Boya Wang
Steve O'Neill
Women's Foil
Asha Edwards
Georgia Webb
Men's Epee
Paul Sutherland
Liam Winstanly
Chris Cranston Selby
Tristan Spicer
Women's Epee
Marie Liston
Keziah Gilbert
Helen Dack
Helen Williams
Men's Sabre
Chris Farren
Will Webb
Duncan Rowlands
Stuart Scott
Women's Sabre
Beth Davidson
Steph Land
Sara Pettit



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July 8, 2014