Fencing North East secure £100,000 funding for development

Fencing North East have been granted £100,000 by Sport England, to continue its award winning work for a further 3 years. The funding will allow North East Regional Development Officer, Beth Davidson, to continue her role full time in the region.

The funding bid was put together by Beth in partnership with Durham University, Northumbria University, British fencing, England Fencing, Street Games, The Princes Trust, UK Steel Enterprises, Stockton Riverside College and Fencing North East; who are providing support to the project through direct and in kind funding. Durham University and Northumbria University, have been involved in the North East Development project since the outset in 2008, working with Beth and the Fencing North East Team. Their ongoing support to the sport is very much appreciated, as is the support of all of our partners who were involved in this bid.

We were set some ambitious targets in 2008, by Sport England, to develop fencing across the North East, all of those targets we met and in most cases exceeded. The success is due to the enthusiasm, commitment and drive of Beth Davidson and the support of the volunteer team, clubs, coaches, parents and of course the fencers themselves, right across the North East.

Beth Davidson commented “I’m so pleased to be in the position to continue the development of the sport, in my home region! It is exciting and an honour to have great partners supporting the project. Their long term contribution has enabled us to innovate, grow and engage people in some of the most challenging areas of Britain.”

Fencing North East are very much looking forward to continuing the project with a focus on inclusivity, accessibility and the further grass-roots development of the sport across the North East Region.

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October 12, 2013